My self-care comes first. My joy comes first. My relationships come first. My body comes first. My spiritual practice comes first.

I. Come. First.


If you BELIEVE you can heal I have no doubt you WILL! From experience I can tell you it took me a long time to truly BELIEVE I could. I had to look at myself in the mirror and learn to love myself again. It took many “LEMONS” at the perfect moment in time to show me the way to perfect and abundant healing.

Prayer plays an important part in my healing. I read the bible as part of my morning routine and am part of a beautiful women’s Bible Study Group that keeps me on task and on track. I love finding the meaning of THE WORD and sharing with others. Journaling and prayer help’s me stay grateful for every day I wake up to this beautiful world we live in. It is important to list at least 5 things you are grateful for every single day. This helps put life into perspective and will make you spend time reflecting upon your day.

Meditation and Breathing and Cold Therapy are part of my daily routine as well. I head outside with the dog each and every morning and stand barefoot in the grass ~ grounding myself first thing in the morning. I stretch, mediate, breathe and head outside for a walk. Back in for a 30 min infrared sauna session and an ice cold shower! Morning routine’s are of utmost importance… I hope you have one!

FEW – The Fellowship of Extraordinary Women changed my life instantly. I have been a member for 5 years and have grown as a woman in so many ways. I have co-authored a book and have become a leader, giver and helper. Most importantly, I continue to learn why God has placed me on this Earth and what he wants me to do!

MY Focus Elements

• Prayer
• Meditate/Stretch/Grounding/Breathing
• FEW – Fellowship of Extraordinary Women


Through prayer, meditation, grounding, breathing etc.. and an amazing group of women and the many “LEMONS” in my life I gained confidence and hope which lead me to a deep belief I could fight this disease and win. I co-authored a book called “The Miracle Effect” where I share my story of healing!


“The greatest medicine is to teach people how NOT to need it!” A plant-based diet of organic vegetables and fruit is the most important thing you can feed yourself to get and stay healthy.

Exercise can be as simple as getting outside for a daily walk with your significant other, dog or by yourself. A hike in the woods is the best medicine! I find the lighter I keep my exercise the stronger I feel. Light weights and abdomen strengthening are part of my routine. Heavy exercise wears me down quickly and does not make me feel good. Find whatever makes you feel fabulous and stick with it!

Supplements are necessary in healing. When first diagnosed with Lyme I was on a pretty grueling antibiotic regimen. I stayed on this for a period of time until I felt no further progression. Supplements recommended by my Lyme Specialist ~ Dr. Jay Davidson aided in healing my gut and my immune system. This regimen was difficult at first but became easier as I became stronger. Follow the guidance of a Lyme literate professional when taking supplements.

MY Focus Elements

• Food
• Exercise
• Supplements


Through food, exercise and supplements my body is stronger than ever. I used to mountain bike race at a pretty high level and thought I was healthy. Looking back I realize I was actually destroying my body through the stress of training and racing . After racing I found myself eating any food and alcohol I wanted as a reward. This was doing damage and putting even more stress on my body. Rebuilding yourself from the inside/out…you will find yourself more powerful then you ever thought you could be!


It is important to use only chemical free products on your skin, hair and mouth etc… Detox your personal care products ditch the chemicals and switch to toxin free everything! I suggest no perfumes as they are terrible for your liver. A better choice is Young Living Essential Oils. You can learn and blend oils to come up with your favorite fragrance. I make my own deodorant– Aluminum free and chemical free. The makeup line I currently use is Ilia. Zum has great bar soaps and lotion – or you can find Zum products at Woodman’s! All my other personal care products come from Young Living (shampoo, toothpaste, insect repellent, hand soap etc…)!

Stop using chemically laden cleaning products in your home. You do not need to use bleach or harsh chemicals to clean your toilets and tubs/shower stalls. It is toxic to inhale these products or get them on your skin when cleaning so why would you use them in your home? Young Living has a Thieves line of products I use for everything including; household cleaner, dishwasher powder, dish soap and laundry detergent. All plant based and chemical free!

Foods in your pantry should be limited! No canned foods unless the can is labeled BPA free. If boxed foods are purchased they should have 5 or less ingredients! If you can not pronounce an ingredient you should not eat the product – my rule of thought. Canned products need to be organic and boxed foods should have only organic ingredients. Simple Mills has a great line of clean eating as well as Primal Kitchen. I shop for a lot of clean foods at Thrive Market. All products need to be gluten free, sugar free and dairy free.

MY Focus Elements

• Body
• Home
• Pantry


This may sound overwhelming at first especially since our society is working at such a fast pace and we are continuously bombarded with convenience and anything that is FAST. Slow down, enjoy shopping and preparing good clean healthy foods. Shop at Farmer’s Markets! I currently volunteer at a farm close to my home and barter my time for good, CLEAN organic vegetables, honey, and more! I also have my own garden and preserve much of what I grow. 

Your body will detox on its own by how and what you are feeding it. You and your family will be healthy and feel better then you ever have! I have found a sense of calm knowing what I am feeding my family is healthy and will keep disease away.

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