Have you noticed who our culture and the enemy is ruthlessly targeting currently?

Have you noticed the all out war against children?

The complete erasure of their humanity beginning in the womb… to the complete disregard of protection for their innocence… from perverted agendas in their childhood, in schools, in books, on TV and more.


There is definitely a spiritual war happening!

A war on our identity ~ where people find value based on a pronoun attached to their name.

A war on womanhood ~ where being a woman is being replaced with words like “cis” and “birthing people”.

A war on masculinity ~ in every sense!

A war on marriage and God’s definition of marriage between a man and a woman.

A war on Generation Z ~ the most heavily influenced generation of all time!


All of this points to one thing ~ the enemy does not get to redefine Gods design. Where the enemy is targeting, God is targeting all the more so. He is looking upon families and sons and daughters in this hour! The ones who are secure in who they are and know EXACTLY whose they are. He is looking for those whose identity is not based on what culture and the world tells them they are defined as, but in knowing whom their identity rests on.

I see Him moving in a mighty mighty way in this hour. I see an outpouring upon children and a movement of brave women. I see a turning of men’s hearts. I see healing and a mass awakening.


So it is time to tackle the bravery issue that is currently disguised as outside enemies. Where each of us are right now, has a little to do with what hand was dealt, and a lot to do with how we have played our cards ~ especially in the past couple of years. Each bullet point on that list takes a little bit of work, and a daily choice. Once the right habits have been created that will move us towards the finish lines, all we need is the bravery to be consistent…

It’s hard to do the work required that allows us to play at high levels for our family, our health, our finances, and our mindset. Not coincidentally, the systems at the bottom have been designed to be some of our major distractions. The way I see it ~ I’m so very grateful for the systems that have enslaved us. Great stories are only greater because there is an obstacle to overcome and an enemy to defeat. The plot twist in life is that the greatest enemy you will have to overcome is almost always the past version of yourself. It may just be the bravest battle of all.


God continues to move through it all!

Let Him move through you…