Those of us who are choosing an “alternative” lifestyle are not doing so because it is easier, cheaper, or falls in line with what the majority thinks.

We do so because after countless years of education, and exhaustive research, and experience, we have learned that going backwards isn’t always a bad thing.

Our modern times bring wonderful advances but have also set us back in many unfortunate ways.

Our convenience comes with toxic soil and our new way of prevention is bringing forth a whole new generation of sick.

We have lost our understanding of what the body needs to thrive and how it is designed to work if or when we “catch” something.

Instead of having remedies passed down to us from the generation before, or looking to the earth for the gifts it provides ~ we turn to the media and the back of a box to tell us how to be well.

If you DARE to explore and know as much as you can before making a decision or when searching out a better way ~ you have to dig deep into our food, birthing options, medications, V’s, and traditional American norms- and it is then that you see that the “alternative” is actually not alternative at all but brings you back to the original way.

And this is the ONLY way that we come together and heal.

Do the research… skip the convenience… don’t look for the “quick fix”… turn the noise off…

Go backwards… look to the earth and nature… dare to explore… HEAL!


God is so good. I had no idea why he was opening my eyes to all of the craziness of the world when he blessed me with a disease ~ Yes I thank Him every day for this healing journey. My eyes have been opened in so many ways.

I thank Him every day for moving the mountains we needed for freedom in our family.

He knew I was made for a time such as this and He prepared me in the most astounding ways.


I’m simple.

I share too much.

I am excitable.

I say things others won’t.

I believe the opposite of the herd.

I critically think.

I rock the boat.

I believe in Jesus.

I believe I was made for such a time as this.