The most vital component of disconnecting from the system is MENTAL & SPIRITUAL.

The idea that separating yourself from the system requires you to become 100% self sufficient is exactly why people freeze out of fear and decide to stay connected to it. We need community! Gather with like minds. Do what you can and give to others, and find others who will provide what you can’t do on your own. Practice bartering. It takes a village and we are not meant to live our lives alone.

This is where it get’s fun and the language needs to be studied and learned. I guarantee you it will be worth it!

So… how does one “get off the ship” exactly?

By correcting your status with the US Corporation operating under the guise of a government, learning where man/woman fall in the hierarchy of titles relative to person/citizen, no longer contracting with the corporation, conducting business in the private from man/woman to man/woman, and most importantly dissolving the illusion of authority, helping others do the same, and adopting God’s Law as Nature’s Law as Common Law. From there, doing what you can to be self-sufficient. Some people seem to think in a black/white all/nothing fashion that you’re either totally off grid or you’re screwed. This is ridiculous! It is mainly this illusion of authority that must be set aside. Grow your own food, support local farmers, get close with local supply chains and build a community around you.


Stop giving your attention to the media… they are part of the system. And now I’m going to push some buttons…

The best thing we could all do is NOT VOTE (talking at the federal level mostly). If voting did anything, they wouldn’t let us do it. When you understand the nature of the War Powers Act, the Birth Certificate, the Maternity Act, what our currency is backed by, the 14th Amendment, the Federal Reserve, the U.S. Corporation, and other aspects of the way the system is truly set up, you know our votes are meaningless and politics at the federal level is 100% theater.


Good reads:

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The most important thing is dissolving the illusion that other men and women who call themselves “government” have any right to dictate what you do with your life. So long as you are not committing a common law crime (killing, stealing etc…), you have no reason to interact with the state, nor do you have any obligation to contract or interact with it. They have no legitimate authority – they only have “authority” over us because we “believe” they do and let them. Of course it’s much easier for a group of people to begin operating this way rather than an individual, which is why I said it’s important to help others do the same.


Now is the time to exit the system… get off the ship. Become more self reliant by taking care of yourself and partnering with others who are like minded. “THEY”  do not care about you or me. Profit is and always has been “their” main concern and it comes at any cost including YOUR health and YOUR happiness. Individuals are forming groups now more than ever and communities are building together and thriving.