This sums it up! Until you look at the root cause you will never fully heal! Stop masking with drugs that are so easily handed out by doctors. This is why Western medicine gets it soooo wrong for soooo many… Diseases can be healed if you are ready to tackle the roots!
Just like a tree with its roots in nutrient rich soil produces good fruit, a tree with its roots in poison will produce bad fruit. Our bodies are no different. If we are intaking poisons/drugs/GMO’s/vaxx toxins etc… and not helping our body cope with stress & anxiety, disease results. I know this because it happened to ME!
The things at the bottom (roots) are some of the root causes for many of the health issues we face in our world today. Sadly, many of them are not recognized in the mainstream media or mainstream medicine as toxic even though there are numerous studies showing their detrimental effect in human health. This is by no means a comprehensive list but covers most of the important stressors in human health.
We as a human race are so advanced in technology, medicine, education etc… Yet when it comes to physical and mental health we are regressing. Chronic disease, mental disorders, weakened immune systems, you name it! The rates of disease are rising at an outstanding rate especially in our children. As we become more advanced, we move farther away from the lifestyles that our ancestors lived. The lifestyles upon which our DNA and genetic patterns were established.
Social media, mainstream media, and internet technology has allowed us to be more isolated and be able to live our lives in sedentary manners without as much social interaction. Yet we evolved over millions of years living with other human beings and in COMMUNITY. When we do this we thrive…
We ate what nature gave us and that was pretty much it! Now we eat some of what nature gives us and a lot of “FAKE” food that has been genetically engineered to produce more in numbers and quantity but less in nutrients. Food sprayed with chemicals, filled with preservatives¬† and additives and who knows what else?!? Our water is contaminated with fluoride and thousands of harmful chemicals. It becomes a toxic overload. Yes our bodies are supposed to detox naturally, but it only can to a certain extent. When it reaches overload, disease happens. The bucket overflows!
Plus I need to mention our over reliance on our medical system Filling our bodies with medicines to treat a symptom. We fix one symptom but then another arises. It’s a never ending cycle- a trap! We aren’t addressing the root causes of these issues. Yes modern medicine can and has worked wonders and I’m no trying to discredit that. But when we try to use it to treat every little sickness instead of letting it run it’s course or instead of looking at the root causes, we make matters worse. I KNOW… I was in the trap!
If you start NOW to make an effort to address these things in your daily life, your quality of life will undoubtedly improve and you’re risks of becoming chronically ill will decrease. So I ask you to begin now!
Thank you ~ @healthfreakdad for your words…