WOW! 2020 is off and running … In the blink of an eye January is over and Valentine’s Day is this Friday! Not quite sure how that happened?

January was full of organizing for this new year and decade, moving our daughter into her first home, getting our son back to college and settled and making BIG BIG decisions for 2020. WHEW! I hope your 2020 is off to a GRAND start! Take time to get outside with your family and friends and enjoy your favorite winter activities. Winter offers an abundance of outdoor activities including skiing, snowshoeing, ice-skating, cross-country skiing, or just walking in the snow! Get out, enjoy nature and you will find it will help get you through the long dark winter months we have left.

I am hoping you are prioritizing healthy habits! When we do, we set good examples for our children, family and friends. We all have such great intentions at the beginning of every new year but they sometimes fade fast as we get busy in our every day lives. Here are some really simple health tips that can bring about great health benefits. They are easy to fit in your daily schedule ~ so give them a try!


Practice Gratitude ~ Wake up each morning and thank God you are alive and breathing. Thank him for your new day! At the end of the day I write in my journal 5-10 things that I am grateful for… things that happened during the day no matter how big or small. It can be as simple as the delicious coffee you sipped on to start your morning. The health benefits of being grateful range from enhanced self-esteem to staying healthy to improved relationships, improving sleep and more! Studies actually show people who practice gratitude live longer healthier and more purposeful lives


Drink Lemon Water ~ Begin each day with a large glass of lemon water. I like mine warmed up a tad and with a little bit of apple cider vinegar to wake up the liver! Lemon is a great liver detox and very hydrating.


Deep Breathing ~ Practice deep breathing! I spend every morning with about 8-10 minutes of deep breathing. Here are a few idea’s to get you started!  Wim Hof has a great YouTube video to help you begin your practice. XPT has an amazing app with breathing programs which are easy to follow. Taking deep breaths is great for reducing inflammation, cell regeneration and overall stress reduction. It is so easy during our busy days to  not think about breathing which is automatic.


Dry Brushing ~ Incorporate this technique before you get into the shower every single day. This is amazing for your lymphatic system! Helps with lymphatic drainage, exfoliation and cleanses your skin pores. Purchase a dry brush on Amazon with soft natural bristles and a handle. Start with your feet and always brush toward your heart. Up from your feet toward your heart and down from your hands and arms and neck. I spend a longer amount of time on my abdomen as this is where so many lymph nodes are located. This will wake you up and make you feel alive and the health benefits are brilliant!


Move Daily ~ Whether it is walking, running, lifting weights, yoga or biking. It will improve your mood and keep you healthy. I like to get outside every day no matter how cold it is in the winter. Fresh air and movement helps direct my day and nature is my best medicine!


Keep a Similar Sleep & Wake Schedule ~ This is something I am currently working on. I used to stay up late and watch TV in bed until I would fade off to sleep. It was my “quiet” time. I now find it is better for me to go to bed early and wake earlier. I know 7 hours of sleep is necessary for me to function. Whatever you find works best for you try to make it a habit! Keeping our circadian rhythms stable helps to maintain good cortisol levels during the day and adequate melatonin levels at night so we wake feeling refreshed and ready to start our day.


Keep Stress Away ~ Find activities that help keep your stress at bay. Prayer, reading the Bible,  yoga, meditation, deep breathing and getting outside in nature are my daily practices to keep stress away. In today’s hectic and busy society it is a MUST to find an outlet that works best for you! Put the cell phone down and practice mindfulness however you see fit on a daily basis.


Chew Your Food ~ Take time to slow down and be mindful when eating. You can even be grateful when eating! When you take your time and enjoy your food you are aiding in digestion and absorption of key nutrients. It also makes meal times relaxing and much more enjoyable.


Engage Your Brain ~ I am definitely a creature of habit. It is so good to change up your routine. Gary (my husband) is extremely good at this! Consider driving an alternate route to work or wherever you routinely go. Start a new hobby you have been thinking about. New activities stimulate the brain, keep you young and create new brain cells. CHANGE IS GOOD!


Smile and Laugh More Daily ~ Probably the MOST important tip I have for you! Laughing has so many benefits including increasing endorphins, increasing oxygen, lifting your mood and decreasing pain. I married a man who makes me laugh every single day! Sharing your smile with a stranger will benefit both of you. It’s amazing what a smile can do!



Hope you find these super simple tips to be helpful! Always be mindful to keep your health and wellness a priority. This not only benefits you but everyone you love!