With the beginning of the fall season typically schedules become more regular. My home is once again quiet and my husband and I are empty nesters again. This summer was so different! Activities and events that filled up almost every day were absent. We as a family spent more time at home and in nature. Personally I have found that with all of the changes in our world since March my routines and the way in which I care for myself has drastically changed for the better. Having a morning routine is essential these days and I encourage you to develop one for your own health and well-being. I will share mine below!


Through my journey with Lyme Disease I would say my gut was the most difficult thing to heal. I can finally say after 10 + years my gut has completely healed. I was on strong antibiotics for a year in the early stages of my healing which destroyed my gut. It took MANY years of detox and supplements to balance my gut flora. I also carry a lot of stress in my gut so these challenging times we are in right now make digestive health that much more important. Below are a few messages your gut may be telling you that it needs a little more support … and some easy steps you can implement to support it!


~ Having a morning routine is essential these days and I encourage you to develop one for your own health and well-being~


  1. If you are experiencing bloating you can try adding probiotic rich foods or take a soil based probiotic. Daily probiotics support and rejuvenate our microbiome and assist in digestion and balance gut flora. Foods rich in probiotics include sauerkraut, kefir, miso and pickles. I personally eat a couple spoonful’s of organic, RAW sauerkraut before each meal to help with digestion.
  2. Keep your immune system strong! This is important now more than ever! If you are one who gets sick frequently with colds or fevers it is most likely because your gut does not have the right balance. Feeding it whole foods rich in Vitamin C, and reducing stress are a must. Practice breathing (the Wim Hof method is my fave), meditating, and schedule “do nothing time” throughout the day. If you are working from home make sure to take plenty of breaks and go outside and BREATHE. Remember doing nothing is doing something positive for your health!
  3. Sleep patterns do affect your gut. More than 80% of our serotonin is produced in our gut and has an influence on our sleep. Make sure you keep a regular bedtime and wake time.
  4. Keep stress at bay! If you regularly feel in a state of fight or flight your sympathetic nervous system is probably working overtime. Our gut and brain are constantly communicating to each other through the vagus nerve which is why many of us feel butterflies in our stomach when we are nervous. A typical fight or flight response is when blood is directed from our gut to other areas of your body typically our extremities so that we can run from danger. It is important to stimulate our parasympathetic nervous system and keep it in the rest and digest phase as much as possible. Again, take time to take deep breaths throughout the day. Nose breathing is a great thing to practice. Many adults are mouth breathers which is NOT good. We were born to be nose breathers and as we get older we sway away from this. When exercising I encourage you to practice breathing in and out through your nose!
  5. Continue to move. The best way to improve constipation is simply to move and exercise. If you are chronically constipated your gut is telling you to move or a diet change might be necessary. Do not take meds to control constipation… change your diet and MOVE!
  6. Your vagus nerve is overacting. When this happens symptoms like constipation, diarrhea, or even the development of ulcers can happen. Strengthen your vagus nerve by doing enema’s, humming, or even gargling.
  7. Avoid eating late. Stop eating by 7pm. When eating prior to bed, blood flow needs to go to the gut as opposed to other organs including the bran. Resting your gut prior to bedtime allows the brain to detoxify and allows for a more restful sleep.
  8. Add fiber to your diet. Incorporate more raw foods to every meal. Raw foods help with proper secretion of digestive enzymes to promote healthy digestion.
  9. Detox your liver. Your liver plays an important role in digestion. It breaks down dangerous substances and creates energy. Foods that support the liver such as parsley, dandelion root, turmeric, basil, garlic and onion should be consumed daily.
  10. If you experience heartburn or nausea you most likely have bacterial overgrowth or “leaky gut”. Diet change is necessary to heal! I have plenty of idea’s for you!


The greatest work you can do for other people in your life is to do your own self-care. 2020 has been a challenging year to say the least. Please develop a morning routine… it is the best form of self-care, it’s easy, and it’s the best way to start each and every day. My morning routine is as follows~

~  Wake up between 5:30 a.m. and 6 a.m.

~  Pray before I role out of bed… and I have been praying A LOT these days.

~  Grab a large glass of room temp water with lemon and add my drops of zinc, oxygen, and minerals. Drink 2 full glasses before I put anything else in my body.

~  Yoga and stretching including sun salutations.

~  Breathwork… either Wim Hof or XPT.

~  Juicing of raw vegetables.

~  Walk the dog.

~ Infrared Sauna for 30 mins.


~The greatest work you can do for other people in your life is to do your own self-care.~


Now is a great time to work on your gut health. Your gut is the new brain and controls more than you can even imagine. Stay healthy this season!