Essential Oils fill my medicine cabinet. I choose to replace over-the-counter-drugs with essential oils as a habit. My formal disclosure is that I am not in any way prescribing any medications or over the counter drugs… There certainly is a place for traditional western medicine, whether it’s pain medication, antibiotics, or advanced drugs for SERIOUS illnesses like cancer or heart disease. However, I do believe if you take care of yourself with proper nutrition, rest, breathing, meditation etc… (check out my 5 Steps to Manage Lyme Disease/Health in general) you can avoid illness and disease altogether. I believe there are homeopathic remedies that can supplement conventional treatments through 100% holistic methods.

Here are some of the more common ailments people deal with in our society today:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Stomach pains, aches, acid reflux
  • Focus and concentration problems
  • Cold, sinus congestion, and flu


High quality, therapeutic grade essential oils like Young Living Essential Oils can be very impactful natural wellness alternatives. Here is a list of essential oils that help with specific symptoms:

  • LAVENDER: Works as a sedative with anti-inflammatory properties. Use to heal sunburn, insect bite’s, and burns in general! Help’s create a soothing atmosphere for better sleep. Calming for babies.
  • PEPPERMINT: Enhances energy and concentration. Provides headache relief and stomach ache/acid reflux relief. Great for concentration and focus!
  • LEMON: Lemon provides a cleansing effect to the air and an uplifting mood. Helps alkalize the body. Great for concentration!
  • VETIVER: Promotes relaxation with sedative properties. Helps with general sleeplessness.
  • FRANKINCENSE: Offers digestive support, relaxation, and properties that support the immune system. Great for your skin and gets rid of skin tags. Promotes overall wellness and is the GOLD standard of oils!
  • CEDARWOOD: Helps calm the nervous system and produces melatonin naturally when breathed before bed. Helps with hair loss and great for hair health in general.


In addition to these single oils, some blends that combine multiple oils can be used for well-being in general!

  • RELAXATION BLEND: With calming properties, these can promote relaxation along with an invigorating sense of well-being. Includes Sandalwood, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Marjoram & Roman Chamomile. In combination of all or a few…
  • RESPIRATORY BLEND: Soothes breathing while relieving minor sinus congestion. Includes Peppermint, Tea Tree, Lemon, Eucalyptus, RC, Raven…
  • PROTECTIVE BLEND: Bolsters a healthy immune system! Includes Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary… and THIEVES, THIEVES, THIEVES


Three Primary methods of applying essential oils:

  1. TOPICAL: Directly to the skin, generally to the neck, wrists and bottoms of the feet.
  2. AROMATICALLY: Adding a few drops to your diffuser and run in bedroom, living room, and office space.
  3. INTERNALLY: Taking orally – using food grade oils like Young Living Essential Oils – completely safe and effective.


Our family/household has gotten rid of Advil, Tylenol, Pepto, Prilosec, Zantac, and all other OTC drugs, and have not taken antibiotics in YEARS.  Tylenol can be very hard on the liver. Advil can be very hard on the stomach. There are so many side effects to all OTC and antibiotic medicine’s why would you want to put them into your body? The commercial’s we see on TV are almost comical! Why do we continue to use things that cause more harm in the long run?? Personally I think we are trained for that “quick fix” so we pop an Advil or Tylenol to fix the headache or ache in general without even thinking about the harm it is causing inside our bodies. Or even worse, we call the doctor as soon as we feel like a bad cold is coming on to get that easy prescription for antibiotics you know he or she will give you.  I used to be the one to get a sinus infection at least once a year. I had allergies – both food and seasonal. With my change of diet and healthy habits I no longer deal with allergies and RARELY get sick.  Essential Oils have been around since biblical times, before modern medicine’s!  It’s time to start taking care of our bodies the natural way. Your body can heal and wants to heal… you just have to stop the BAD HABITS.