Young Living products are infused with care from the instant seed hits soil to the moment the oils arrive at your front door! That’s what I LOVE about Young Living Essential Oils. ~Just plain spreading the LOVE! It’s all part of the Seed to Seal quality commitment – a promise that makes Young Living’s high-quality essential oils indisputably the BEST!


Here are a few ideas for getting the most from your favorites…

  •  Understand the potency of therapeutic-grade oils. It takes a lot of plant matter to distill enough oil to fill a single bottle! One 5-ml bottle of Rose oil requires about 22 pounds of rose petals~ isn’t that CRAZY! That’s some serious rose petal power! Start using your oils low and slow. In 22 seconds molecules reach the brain, 2 minutes they will be found in the bloodstream, and 20 minutes they will affect every cell in the body! Those tiny drops sure are powerful!
  • Replace candles in your home, air fresheners in your home and car, and potpourri. Why fill your home with expensive, synthetic scents when a few drops of oil and your favorite Young Living diffuser can make everything smell like Spring flowers and citrus oh so fresh!
  • Add essential oils to your favorite dishes and baked goods. The Vitality line of oils, which are labeled for food and dietary use, provide a simple way to get fresh, natural flavors infused into your favorite meals and desserts. Young Living carries the Non-GMO Seal, and uses only organic farming practices. Their oils are so pure, you can ingest them!
  • Explore new oils without breaking your piggy bank. Did you know that 20 of Young Living’s favorite oils are under $20!
    1. Cedarwood
    • Pamper yourself with an at-home scalp massage by warming a few drops of Cedarwood essential oil between your hands and rubbing it into your scalp for healthy-looking hair.
    • Combine Cedarwood with Lime essential oil and diffuse it for a refreshingly bright, sweet scent—like an ice-cold limeade after leaving the sauna.
    2. Christmas Spirit™
    • This blend is formulated with Orange, Cinnamon Bark, and Spruce essential oils to invite holiday memories.
    • Combine 30 drops of Christmas Spirit™ essential oil blend with 2 cups of water in a glass spray bottle for a DIY air freshener.
    3. Citronella
    4Citrus Fresh Essential Oil. Citrus Fresh™
    • Put a drop of Citrus Fresh™ essential oil blend onto cotton balls and toss them anywhere prone to unwanted odors such as shoes, basements, or trash cans.
    • This blend of citrus oils is balanced and made unique with a hint of Spearmint essential oil.
    5. Clove
    • Add a drop or two to your favorite unscented hand lotion to keep your hands moisturized.
    • Clove essential oil is an important ingredient in Young Living’s Thieves® and ImmuPower™ essential oil blends.
    6. Envision™
    • Engage your creative side and diffuse this unique blend of bold scents such as Black Spruce and Sage and elegant florals such as Geranium and Rose.
    • Diffuse Envision™ first thing when you wake up and visualize a successful and productive day.
    Eucalyptus radiata essential oil7. Eucalyptus Radiata
    • Turn your shower into a spa by putting 5–10 drops of Eucalyptus Radiata essential oil on a warm, damp washcloth and placing it in the shower just out of direct contact with the water while showering.
    • The Eucalyptus radiata tree is found primarily in Australia, where hundreds of eucalyptus species make up more than 75 percent of the continent’s vegetation.
    8. Fennel
    • Reduce the appearance of pores by applying a neutral facial toner with 1–2 drops of Fennel essential oil on freshly washed skin.
    • Diffuse this licorice-like scent with Orange essential oil for a fresh springtime aroma.
    9. Grapefruit
    • Rub Grapefruit essential oil onto your wrists and breathe deeply during a midday slump—a burst of this citrusy scent can help give your afternoon a positive boost!*
    • This invigorating fruit is a hybrid of the pomelo and the sweet orange; the rinds are cold pressed to produce the fresh-smelling essential oil.

    *Avoid direct sunlight or UV rays for up to 12 hours after applying product.

    Lemon Essential Oil

    10. Lemon
    • Encourage your teens to add a drop to their nightly moisturizer to reduce the appearance of blemishes*.
    • Lemon essential oil can eliminate odors and infuse your whole home with a clean, lemon-drop scent when diffused.

    *Avoid direct sunlight or UV rays for up to 12 hours after applying product.

    11. Lemongrass
    • Lemongrass essential oil has origins in Southeast Asia and is distilled from the leaves and woody stalks of the lemongrass plant.
    • Add 3–4 drops of Lemongrass in a sink full of dishes, a load of laundry, or your all-purpose cleaner formula for an exotic, clean-smelling boost.
    12. Lime
    • With a bright and refreshing citrus scent, Lime essential oil smells just like freshly sliced limes.
    • Diffuse Lime during arduous work projects; its aroma adds creativity to any environment.
    Nutmeg essential oil uses and benefits13. Nutmeg
    14. Pine
    • Pine essential oil has a refreshing and empowering aroma.
    • Take Pine essential oil with you on road trips and use it with our USB diffusers to keep the car fresh the whole way there.
    15. Purification®
    • Keep an on-the-go air freshener in your bag by combining a couple drops of Purification and water in a glass spray bottle to freshen up hotel rooms, public restrooms, and offices.
    • Add this blend to dryer balls to create a fresh aroma in place of harsh chemicals.
    16. R.C.™
    • Use R.C.™ with V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex for a foot or back massage after your gym routine, outdoor adventure, or yoga practice.
    • Unwind from a trying day by adding 10 drops to a hot bath for a relaxing soak.Rosemary Essential Oil Recipes
    17. Rosemary
    • This botanical, which is part of the mint family, is native to Mediterranean regions and has blue or purple flowers that give it an understated beauty.
    • Add 10–15 drops of Rosemary essential oil to shampoo or conditioner for healthier-looking hair.
    18. Cypress
    • Diffuse Cypress essential oil for a fresh and herbaceous aroma to compliment any living space.
    • Apply a couple drops of Cypress to your wrists for a sense of security and grounding to support your meditation practice.
    19. Tangerine
    • Massage Tangerine essential oil into your temples before you knuckle down for study time.*
    • Add it to a nightly facial cleanser for extra cleansing benefits and beautifying properties.*

    *Avoid direct sunlight or UV rays for up to 12 hours after applying product.

    Wintergreen Essential oil uses and benefits

    20. Wintergreen

    Use every last drop of every empty bottle! Your love of essential oils doesn’t have to end when you’ve diffused the last drop. That empty amber bottle is full of DIY possibilities!

    1. Create your own DIY roll-on with your favorite essential oils and some V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex.
    2. Infuse Epsom salt with the last few drops of oil in the bottle. Remove the lid and oil dropper from a mostly empty EO bottle. Put the bottle, dropper, and 1 cup of Epsom salt in a sealed container for at least 48 hours. Open it up and voilà: bath salts infused with a soothing aroma! Even better, you can add multiple bottles to a container of Epsom salt to get different infusions with stronger scents.
    3. Make a centerpiece with one or two flowers in the bottles, turning them into little bud vases.
    4. Jazz up your twinkly lights! Thoroughly clean your empty bottles, remove the oil dropper and all parts of the cap, and gently press the bottle over each bulb on a string of lights. These are a great additional to any holiday party.
    5. Fill a bottle with your carrier oil of choiceto have on the go.
    6. Create a DIY face serum to add moisture to your skin care routine. Our top picks are GeraniumTea Tree, and Rosemary. Store your new serum in an empty essential oil bottle.
    7. Use the bottles to hold your toiletries for travel. Things like hair oil, face serum, and baby powder fit easily in a little EO bottle; plus, they’ll free up that much-needed space in your carry-on.
    8. Try your hand at a DIY custom blend with the last few drops of your favorite oils. You’ll love creating a unique aroma to use in your diffuser, and you can store your creation in an empty oil bottle.
    9. Infuse a cotton ball with remaining oil and use it as a multipurpose deodorizer. Stuff a cotton ball in the bottle, put the lid back on, and leave it for three days. Take the cotton ball out—use tweezers if necessary—and place it anywhere that could benefit from a refreshing scent: inside stinky shoes, at the bottom of a trash can, in a gym bag, and any other place that needs an aromatic makeover.
    10. Share your most used oil with a friend by putting some of it in a clean, empty bottle.
    11. Put together an essential oil travel kit by putting smaller amounts of the oils you use most in empty 5-ml bottles. Put the collection in a cosmetic bag so it’s ready to go when you are.
    12. Take your empty bottles to a local glass recycler.
    13. Refresh your drawers or closets by removing the lid of a nearly empty bottle and letting the aroma permeate the space. Make sure to position the bottle where it won’t tip—you wouldn’t want to spill anything on your favorite sweater!
    14. Make an all-natural perfume or cologne. Store your signature scent in a clean, empty bottle.
    15. Use the last of the oil to make a mattress refresher. Instead of cleaning out the bottle, fill it ¾ full with baking soda. Allow it to sit overnight for the baking soda to absorb the oil fully. Sprinkle the mixture over your mattress and let it sit for an hour; then vacuum up the baking soda and breathe in the freshness!
    16. Make smelling salts for when you want a fresh fragrance around. Fill a clean, empty bottle with Epsom salt, add 4 drops of a refreshing scent—we love Spearmint—and shake well. Open the cap and inhale whenever you need a whiff of something fresh.
    17. Dilute your go-to oils for use with kids.
    18. Make your own flavored toothpicks with the remainder of your Vitality™ oils. Cinnamon Bark VitalityPeppermint Vitality, and even Citrus Fresh™ Vitality make yummy toothpicks. Just place plain toothpicks in the last few drops of oil at the bottom of the bottle and let them sit for a day or two. Ta-da: tasty post-meal toothpicks!


    As you can see, there are so many ways to get the most out of your Young Living Essential Oils- right to the very last drop … this is just the tip of the iceberg. I would love to share more with you!