Heal – definition


~ to make free from injury or disease to make sound or whole

~ to make well again to restore to health

~ to cause (an undesirable condition) to be overcome


Essential oils are highly concentrated and extremely potent and are the life blood of the plant! They are plants immune system protecting them from viruses and bacteria and they work the same way in OUR bodies because we share a majority of our DNA with the plants. Essential oils are made up of tiny molecules which penetrate the skin and cell walls, bringing oxygen and therapeutic benefits. In fact, essential oils can affect every cell of the body within 20 minutes! AMAZING! They contain oxygen and are very powerful antioxidants and help to detoxify the body. Essential oils were mankind’s very first medicine. They have been around since Biblical days and are mentioned in the Bible 188 times. Today, they are still used to bring emotional, physical, and spiritual health and healing to the body.


This is how fast essential oils work to bring about healing~


  • in 22 seconds molecules reach the brain
  • 2 minutes they will be found in the bloodstream
  • 20 minutes they will affect every cell in the body

Young Living Essential Oils is the only company dedicated to the medicinal use and application of essential oils that is able to GUARANTEE essential oil quality from seed to seal. The oils Young Living provide are extracted through steam distillation from a wide variety of plants, roots, bushes, trees and resins and are as powerful and pure as the botanicals from which they are derived. Young Living’s Seed to Seal process guarantees a genuine, pure essential oil that has the highest therapeutic efficacy. This guarantee includes oils distilled from plants grown on Young Living’s own farms located all over the world!

Most of the oils found on the shelves or grocery stores are NOT pure oils and have synthetic ingredients such as propylene glycol (found in anti-freeze) and other fillers in them. You can not ingest them and have to call poison control if you do. Young Living was started over 25 years ago is the only company in the world that is NOT an oil broker. Young Living is trusted in hospitals and research centers around the world. They are the first company to pioneer combining pure essentials, into supplements. This is powerful because when you take a supplement with an oil, it helps increase the absorption rate by over 50%.

This is my background information on Young Living essential oils and I feel it is necessary for me to share this information with you before I share how I have used them in my healing with Lyme Disease. My disclaimer is that Young Living essential oils themselves did not HEAL me… but that they play an essential role in my healing process!


Let the healing begin~


My massage therapist, Linda uses Young Living essential oils in her massage practice and this is where I was first introduced to the magic of oils. When I was suffering with my most awful symptoms of Lyme Disease she suggested we try Raindrop Therapy. We started out slowly going once every other week and increased to once a week as my body adapted and felt the healing powers. I could almost feel my body responding with every treatment. This is something I would suggest to anyone dealing with any type of autoimmune disorder of any kind.

Aromatically/Inhalation~  A few drops in hands and inhale, letting those little molecules travel to the limbic system of the brain where memories and emotions are processed, creating a deep sense of emotional peace and balance. The Essential Oils desk reference is the Bible of Young Living Essential Oils and is a must have when you begin your journey with your oils. Using this reference for Lyme was the simplest way for me to find what oil(s) to use and how to use them the best way in the healing process. Purchasing a Young Living Diffuser instead of burning candles in your home is more clean and non-toxic! Today I diffuse all day, every day in the home and office. At night I have Lavender diffusing in the bedroom for a calming and peaceful atmosphere to promote sleep. My husband loves it too! During the day it depends on the mood. If I need a “pick me up” I turn to one of my citrus oils or blends. If it is an overwhelming kind of day I will diffuse Peace & Calming blend or Gentle Baby. Finally if I feel the need to be brave I use Valor. It’s a learning process and you will figure out your favorites along the way.

Topically -Using essential oils on my skin topically is a daily practice as well. We do not have perfumes or colognes in our home as I had developed a sensitivity to the scent of them when I was sick. Plus, I have learned they are toxic and not good for your liver. In our home we have found that Young Living oils make great perfumes and colognes! It is fun to mix and blend to find your favorite. Frankincense is great for your skin and I use 1 drop in my night cream before bed every day. Peppermint Oil is amazing for tummy aches and can be rubbed directly on your belly with almost instant results. We do not have any OTC medications in our home. Young Living Essential Oils have become our over-the-counter go-to choice for healing anything from headaches to sunburn, hormonal issues to allergies, and infections to bug bites!

Internally ~ Add a couple drops to a glass of water and drink for health benefits, or add a few drops in a vegetable capsule for added benefit. Ingesting essential oils is as simple as using for flavor in your home cooked meals (Thyme or Oregano essential oils as an example) or adding to your water(lemon or lime essential oils) or hot cocoa(lavender essential oil) for a boost of flavor. When I feel a cold coming on  I put 2 drops of either Thieves or Copaiba essential oil under my tongue once or twice a day ~ works every time!!

Now that essential oils are so popular, they’re everywhere! But you don’t want to purchase them from just anywhere, because purity matters when it comes to essential oils. I would enjoy the opportunity to get you started on your journey with Young Living Essential Oils. My teammate and I are holding a class in mid-February on the Basics of Young Living Essential Oils… please reach out if you have an interest in attending. Let your healing journey begin…