My heart has felt overwhelmed these past few weeks. I have cried over what IS happening and what HAS been happening for far too long. I have felt many of the same things you have… fear, worry and even rage. But also joy, peace and so much hope… for I feel the world is finally SHIFTING!


Each morning I wake up and pray. I pray for truth and light, and for strength to share what I believe. My hunger for truth and being free will not be silenced. My commitment for truth is ultimately to protect my family, especially my kids in this crazy time we find ourselves living in. I want them to understand the world they are growing up in and feel it’s my duty to keep them informed but yet fearless.


It is time to be a leader, a free thinker and to stop following the masses. Time to start caring and doing the right thing rather than being worried about being liked or approved of.




It is time to stop turning your head the other way. We all know there is something going on in our world but many don’t want to look into it further to find out. The only way things will be exposed is if we live without fear and speak truth.


Speak truth upon:

~ The immune system and how incredibly intelligent the human body is. Don’t doubt your body and think a vaccination is going to save you. Our body is very aware of what viruses are because it is made up of bacteria and viruses! If you have a healthy and strong immune system your body will function and protect you. Taking extra Vitamin C, D3 & Zinc are simple ways to start! Sunshine is an extra bonus!

~ Government control in response to a virus that has taken less lives than a typical flu season.

~ Dehumanization with forcing people to wear masks and gloves, keeping families apart, keeping elderly people isolated and living in fear.

~ A plan to create massive fear in order to push mandatory vaccinations.

~ Mass media successfully causing a very fearful society. I urge you to turn your TV off and focus on your family and/or your purpose!

~ … and so much more


People around the world and in our country are coming to realize how very manipulative mainstream media is, and how quickly government can take away our very freedom this country was built on. The shift is on and being felt! The world is not falling apart… the truth is being unveiled.


Most important, I believe God is working in all of this. “The Great Awakening” is upon us.



This is what God is at work doing for His people right now. Can you hear His message of Hope? Don’t miss His voice in your faith, family, and business! What is coming will be a Divine Display. Let’s say YES to being a part of it!

God always gets the last word and He always does it through His people. We just need to be listening.

Jesus said, “My sheep know my voice.” It’s time to sift through the noise …. and listen for His Voice. Allow God to lead you right into His Purposes during this time!”  ~Kimberly Joy Krueger


God is providing me with a sense of continued strength, hope and peace every single day…