When people find out Gary and I are empty nesters we usually get this reaction, “Wow, now you can do whatever you want, when you want!” This was NEVER our goal. Since the kids were babies, one thing we’ve always made a priority has been the importance of family and that will never change. In fact 2020 has shown us the importance of FAMILY even more!


We found ourselves spending more time together this past spring and summer, and continue today to talk ~ discuss ~ and be open about how everyone is handling the real world situations that are affecting us today. Being home more has been quite wonderful. Our summer’s especially are usually filled to the brim with activities and events where we can hardly breathe. It was GO… GO… GO… and now it is SLOW… SLOW… SLOW. It has been especially refreshing to cook more at home and gather on the patio to play a game of bags and chat and laugh. We also made it a point to gather together as a family every Friday afternoon to chat about the week and what is on everyone’s mind.


Sometimes I get this weird sadness that rushes over me~ I miss the kids being babies, or that I can’t hold them anymore. But then I quickly am thankful for who they are today, how much they have grown and who they have become as adults in our ever-changing world. I am grateful for conversation… now we can talk about the real world  and adult subjects. I believe that EVERY season of our children’s lives is the BEST season!


There is an underlying rhythm to both my and Gary’s day’s, and that structure is a necessity for our continued growth. For us, it’s based on our deep faith. It’s not IF new seasons come but WHEN. We definitely have been through a lot together and have built the necessary framework for navigating life’s inevitable challenges.


Together and individually, in our marriage, our parenting, and even working together in our career there’s been structure and routine. If we don’t stay true to our own personal system’s it causes a ripple affect on everything else we do. So, we communicate a lot and when things feel like they are falling off track, we pull back together.


Each and every season calls for different needs and interaction, but there is a special family bond that will never go away. These past 7 months have proven to be extra challenging. The beautiful thing is that when we lean into the relationship of our faith and family, we ALWAYS know everything is going to be OK.