From the moment we wake up in the morning, we get to choose our perspective. Your day will play out exactly the way your thoughts begin. The daily repetition can sometimes make it easy to slip into a sense of autopilot mode. I am here to challenge you to give yourself a gentle nudge, to become truly awake to the days possibilities, and to notice all the goodness hiding in plain sight. I find that as soon as my eyes open in the morning I immediately am thankful to be alive and breathing, my heart is still beating and I thank God for a new day. I ask God to guide me through another beautiful and blessed day with hope, grace and love. Come up with your own positive way to start your day! Suddenly, the everyday will start to look and feel a lot more meaningful!


The same goes for the end of your day. Take out a journal and write down at least 5 things you are grateful for. This puts a positive perspective on your day. It can be the simplest thing like ~ the garbage men wheeled your garbage can back to your driveway nicely without making a mess ~ or, your son loaded his dishes into the dishwasher without being told ~ or, maybe your morning cup of coffee was extra delicious. Paying more attention to the little things definitely puts greater perspective on life. I believe starting and ending your day with perspective will change the way you look at each and every day!


Perspective is needed now more than ever. Please use this time, this sacred precious time to evaluate which parts of your “NORMAL” are healthy (Heal Thy) to even want to rush back to.


Slow Down

Ground Yourself

Create a “NEW NORMAL”

Radiate Peace and Love


~ Be well y’all~