There are varying degrees of preparedness… one approach is the interest of becoming as self reliant/independent as possible. And another approach is responding to volatile times… such as what we find ourselves in right now.

I compiled this checklist for our home when I started to hear more buzz around the potential of food shortages and power grid vulnerabilities.

Being ready for anything is something I value and I’m committed to continuing to learn ways to become more independent of the systems and the chaos they continue to circulate.

I’m sure we can share a mutual value there!


+  food (canned/freeze dried, pressure cooked, rice, coffee, olive oil chocolate etc…) PROTEIN is the key here! I have a list of the most shelf stable foods if you would like!

+  water source and containers (preferred) or a Berkey Water System

+  rain barrel

+  first aid kit

+  medications if on them- stock up… if use OTC: stock up!

+  toiletries (toilet paper, paper towel, puff’s, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, lotion, hygiene products, feminine care products)

+  ammo/ self defense/ reloading supplies

+  seeds/ gardening supplies/ start growing your own food and network with farmers and neighbors (I have loads of idea’s here- reading/researching and learning)

+  camping stove/ or grill with extra propane, charcoal, lighter fluid etc…

+  generator plus fuel

+  cold weather gear/blankets

+  solar lanterns

+  notebooks and pens

+  Bible

+  essential oils for bug repellant, pest control, healing etc…

+  solar powered flashlights, solar powered candles

+  firewood

+  hand/power tools and supplies

+  rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide

+  bleach

+  batteries/solar batteries

+  long range walkie talkie’s

+  solar powered radio

+  laundry detergent, rope for clothes line

+  duct tape

+  wood burning stove/ solo stove

+  money in cash dollar (at least have 3 mos. living supply)

+  music, books, comfort items

+  large containers for storage


If you have questions, or would like links to anything I have mentioned… please message me! DO NOT make this overwhelming… just do something each day/each week to live more sovereign.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ~  Benjamin Franklin

“A Sovereign Being is one who has broken free of culture’s conditioning, referring to a higher wisdom from within that serves the good of all. This is where your TRUE FREEDOM awaits you. It requires your full presence. One can no longer play the victim in this space. Instead, one becomes a leader.” ~ Christine Horner