Our family creed…

We believe in God.

We believe in Prayer.

We believe in Medical Freedom.

We believe in Natural Health.

That Christians should be involved in all spheres of life, including business, education, media, government…etc not just behind the walls of church.

So… “dear people in charge”…

You have had 9 months of telling the American people how to survive this “pandemic”, how to flatten the curve, how to save lives and stop the spread.

We have seen you go back and forth on what & how you say this virus spreads. You have flip flopped your position so many times, even the lying MSM can’t even pretend they aren’t confused on the narrative.

Here is what could have changed this whole thing around for so many Americans in the last 9 months.
… if you had talked about HOW to be healthy. How to support and build people’s immune system and response. How MANY, MANY healthcare professionals have found effective treatments ~ but you continue to silence and threaten them.

9 months is a long time, that could have went far into helping people’s bodies do what God created them to do: live with viruses and bacteria… let the body heal. (check out terrain theory vs germ theory)

In the end, I realize like many Americans, how my body responds to this virus and other illnesses is solely on ME. This is personal responsibility. I can’t expect my neighbor to make the decisions that will keep me or my family healthy or disease/virus free. They can’t walk through the grocery store with me and grab out of my cart the processed foods, sugar filled products, and toxic laden cleaners & personal care products that YOU, our government ALLOW on our shelves. And that reason alone is why your approach(es) don’t work.

So, for allllll those reasons and more, we are now BROKEN. Actually, we have been broken for a long time now… but you have not heard me, because you have forgotten the voices of those who are actually the backbone of this country!