Our entire world is on fire. Everything we know and have ever known is not as it once was. We are in the great falling away… and it’s a GRAND thing.


I’ve been more absent and it’s not because I want to remain ignorant, but I’m choosing to keep my focus on the joy and the things that bring me peace. I have so many thoughts on so many things but lately the urge to remain quiet is stronger than the need to voice my opinion.


Guess what? The world is wild – and only getting wilder. We can’t control what happens around us but we can control what happens within our own homes. We can choose where and what we give our energy to. We have all the say when it comes to that! It’s far better to live in a place of peace.

Stay informed, yes. But don’t let it consume you. There’s such a very fine line.

The biggest proverbial middle finger we can give Satan is to NOT lose our peace. To have the ability to remain calm amidst all the storms that are guaranteed to come. Don’t spend your precious time and energy feeling angry or afraid. What’s the point in that? Use those feelings to be proactive and productive in your own life. Create a life YOU can feel every day peace in. I don’t know… it just seems noisy here lately and I want to remind you, you get to control what you consume. You get to utilize that off, unfollow, or mute button


I need to feel peace, and I strive for it daily. Because without it my own world starts to crumble and I have nothing good to give my family – the ones who deserve the best parts of me the most.

The more I grow in faith and in God’s Word, the less joy I find in anything in this world. I can’t watch tv anymore. I don’t enjoy shopping/spending like I used to. People in general are now difficult in this “fake”, “don’t know what to say”, “not sure what to talk about”, “afraid to offend”, world we live in.


I’m not sure if it’s just me or if there are others out there feeling like this. The things I once enjoyed of this world no longer bring me a life of joy. All things of this world are temporal.

I long to leave this world.


I’m just in a season of rest and I want to remain in peace & protect myself from the chaos. I am completely aware, but as things continue to fall (in a good way) I will continue to keep my focus on Him above all else.


The evil ones of this world want us distracted. If they can keep our focus on the things of this world we will remain deceived by this world.


Stay in His Word. Stay close to Him. God Wins!


Grace & Peace Always ~