A list of Random Life Rules… by MK
~ Fuel. Your. Body! Avoid chemicals, processed foods, GMO’s. Eat mindfully, enjoy your organic fruits and veggies!
~ Always carry a water bottle with you wherever you go!
~ Spend time in stillness every day. (I am all about JESUS so… I like to read my Bible)
~ Pray, Meditate, Breathe, Nap
~ Call or text your grandparents, mom or dad good morning, or send a “this reminded me of you” photo to your friends. Stay in touch with those you treasure.
~ Smile at everyone… if you like a stranger’s shirt, hat, smile… TELL THEM!🙂
~ GIVE…Tis’ the season right?! Find random ways to give. You will make someone’s day and it feels soooo good! ❤❤❤
~ Get outside every dang day! Even if it’s cold (and it is here in Wisconsin right now). Take a walk… even if it’s just around the block. Stand barefoot in the grass and ground yourself to Mother Earth.
~ Journal every stinkin’ day… even if it’s one little sentence! Life is too important to not document. Always write down 5 things you are grateful for that day. I have stacks and stacks of journals going back almost 30 years!
~ Make a budget and stick to it. Have different accounts to start saving. We split each and every paycheck into accounts like… Trip Savings, Health Savings etc… Financial security is sooo important to an abundant life!
~ Move your body! Find whatever works for you! A little intentional movement does WONDERS for the soul… especially these crazy days of 2020!
~ Sit in the sun whenever possible. Natural Vitamin D is immensely good for you! 20 mins a day is perfect!!☀️
~ I am all about NATURAL HEALTH… so I have to mention my Young Living essential oils. I use so many different oils throughout my daily routine. I diffuse all day, every day, and my family uses them to heal and STAY healthy. 💧💧💧
~ Most important rule… stop worrying about what people think about you! It’s mighty FREEING! Always follow your gut in everything you do.
~ annnnnd lastly, wishing you the happiest and healthiest 2021!