This is a two part story I felt the need to share. Because in these times of fear there is also so much hope and light if you seek to find it!


My story begins with my dear friend~ whom I adore, and who lives her life in deep profound faith. We both had just finished listening to day one of the Global Leadership Summit 2020. It occurred to me after listening to the many outstanding and thought provoking speakers I had to reach out to her with what God put on my heart. A simple text was sent to her and the fire was lit! You see, one simple text affirmed exactly what she had emotionally been dealing with the entire day. She was being called to speak and be a voice but her message was not formed yet. I affirmed this time of transition for her! Sometimes these affirmations are what people need to hear to take the risk and to follow the call. The text I sent led to a phone call. We ended up bouncing things off of one another on the phone for close to an hour. It was moving and powerful! In the midst of this national crisis we both agreed that it is an intense season both spiritually and emotionally. A time of questioning everything and healing old wounds. A time of trust and resilience. A time of feeling unsafe and inadequate. But had I not reached out, her thoughts might not have been acknowledged or affirmed. Moral of story one, use your voice! Leadership and courage are needed now more than ever. Every single one of us is chosen and we have a unique purpose. It is up to you to walk with your purpose.


The second part of our conversation and my story touched on our country and specifically it’s amazing and beautiful HISTORY! A history that we are in so much danger of losing in these troubling times. My friend has this deep and honorable love for our country. She has so much to teach and share. Through honesty I told her how much I loved my country but how hard it is to love it right now. I am unsure and uncertain of so many things! My friend shared some history with me~ TRUE HISTORY and got me back on track quickly. History – the study of the past. I will devote myself, in the next few months, to delve into our vast and complex history. With my friends help, I have no doubt I will come to love my country like never before.

The flag ruffling in the wind caught my eye today more than usual. It spoke hope and peace and courage. I believe justice is coming, a revival is near. I believe liberty is worth fighting for and that church is essential. I believe Jesus is Lord and Savior. I applaud every patriot, truther and defender of freedom – especially my dear friend. God has NEVER lost a battle and true victory is in him alone. Keep hope alive. Keep your heart set on Jesus. While we wait, we occupy!

Psalm 42:11  GOD WINS