How far can this chaos and madness be pushed? When is enough, enough? When will it all come to a boil?


Something’s got to give.


We are being bombarded. We know it will most likely get worse before it gets better; there’s a side that subscribes to the chaos and are purposefully creating this chaos. On the other side we hope the wilder it gets the more people will wake up. So as much as we hate the madness, we hope it might serve the purpose of snapping people out of hypnosis.


So much of it is sheer fearmongering, they know that just by discussing possible scenarios people will react out of fear and do as they are told, so it’s not even necessary for them to take action, the threat in many cases, does the trick. Our job is to be aware of things in order to make the right choices without letting things swallow us up and drag us down. We need our energy and higher frequencies to turn this around, that is our most powerful weapon.


I’ve said it over and over and I will say it again ~ nobody is coming to save us. (And that’s ok)


I know this sounds scary to most people, especially if you’ve just started this journey, but you will see, that’s exactly what this is all about. This journey, this process, this transformation, is about understanding, acknowledging and reclaiming our own power, our innate abilities and our immortal essence. It’s about saving OURSELVES. That is the lesson.


We don’t need heroes to come and save us!


We must remember this is a spiritual war.


The war is won by transcending it, by breaking and rejecting this fake reality. The war is won by overcoming, by becoming, by focusing, by transcending, by understanding, by connecting.  You cannot defeat darkness with darkness, you can only defeat darkness with light. Darkness has pulled it’s greatest trick; to make us think we are not light. We allowed others to tamper with it, to manipulate it, to change its hue and to even make us think it was never there to begin with.


We ARE the light that will change this world. WE hold the power.


We are living and witnessing the end game, the final test. This is when humanity must rise up to the occasion and become exactly what we were created to be.


Our creator is finally beginning to smile… we’ve got this. It only took us a few thousand years to finally “get it”, but it’s never too late when the deed is good.


So, it is time to focus fully on your inner condition; get your house in order, face your shortcomings, build relationships, redeem yourself, forgive yourself and others, let go of what hampers your wellbeing, face yourself, improve yourself, stay in peace, love yourself and those around you and watch your energy rise, your power increase, your beauty shine through, your empathy grow and with it all, watch your light become the miracle that you are and were created to be. You are chosen!


And this, is not just the ultimate of good deeds, it is our destiny, our mission, our purpose and our reason for being.  And He is with us every step of the way.