It’s that same feeling I’ve had this entire year of 2020… staying focused and learning oh so much, while the rest of the world spins outside the walls of my protection and faith.
That feeling I’ve had stirring in my soul, a deeper commitment to strengthening my body and protecting my mind.
That feeling I’ve had when I’ve been willing to look beyond the “script”, beyond what I’m being told and beyond what is popular.
The defining of what I would like to see and the asking of what I need to do to bring that forth.
Being incredibly intentional about what I want to see happen for me and my family and my businesses in the coming year.
That feeling I have now as I sit quietly with my notebook and gaze into the coming months… preparing for 2021, listening, writing, sharing my thoughts… but mostly just listening.
Listening to the sound of what is moving through all the chaos.
It’s beautiful… and It’s coming…
The (re)birth.