They say trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair. Do you agree?


Trust was an issue for me growing up…


We are indoctrinated from childhood to trust authority without questioning… and boy did I have questions. It’s not a matter of building the trust, it’s more a matter of being told we MUST trust and so we do. As a little girl I had so many questions and most of the time was too scared to ask them. So I fell in line.


I ended up trusting without questioning that the food sold in a grocery store would have gone through rigorous inspections and controls to make sure it would not harm my health. I trusted.


When visiting the doctor, I assumed he/she knew best and actually cared for my health and well-being. I trusted.


As a student, I assumed teachers and professors were teaching facts and truths. History was what it had been and science was factual. I trusted.


When I turned 18 and voted for the first time, I felt important, like my opinion counted and my vote mattered. I assumed voting was fair and just. I trusted.


When I first opened a bank account, I was convinced my money would be safe and all my affairs would be kept private and in confidence. I trusted.


When I first began paying taxes, it hurt, but I assumed it was necessary for the proper running of the country… hospitals, airports, highways, pensions, etc… had to be maintained somehow. I trusted.


When I gave birth to my first child I followed the system. I gave birth in a hospital and let them scoop my little girl away from me before I ever got to bond with her. I let them inject her with substances I never researched. I trusted.


When I took my first child to school, I assumed her academic, psychological and physical well being would be in good hands. I trusted.


I trusted. We trusted.


And not because any of these institutions or establishments had proven to us we could trust them, but because we had been indoctrinated to BELIEVE they were indeed trustworthy.


The trust was not broken in a second, like the saying goes, the trust was destroyed little by little as I experienced life, trauma, personal experiences and of course the last 3 years of awakening.


What do you mean there are genetically modified components in our food? What do you mean there are ingredients in our food that are banned in other countries? What do you mean they allow for dangerous chemicals to be used? What do you mean there’s fluoride in our water? They are teaching WHAT in school?! You mean politicians are puppets? You mean our vote doesn’t really count? Doctors are following orders? They are more like drug prescribers? Vaccines contain what?


But I thought… But I was told… But I trusted…


We trusted. But we trust no more. Because perhaps we never should have. Because we learned a lot in the last 3 years.


All I know is that the only accurate part of the saying is that trust takes forever to repair.


Blind faith never works. So now I just trust myself and God. I keep it simple and I’m never disappointed.