I’m a whole lot of…
~ true Patriotism (my son will attest to this)
~ sharing the freedom only found in Jesus
~ passion for knowledge and learning
~ health freedom
~ being an introvert… until I am fighting for those I love, then I ROAR
~ sharing my story
~ living God’s purpose for ME
~ fighting for those who have not YET realized we are in a battle
showing friends what wellness of body + soul + spirit really means
F*R*E*E*D*O*M – do NOT live in bondage to this world- LIVE while you are still here to do it- LOVE everyone- spend time with those you love now more than ever- FEAR IS A LIAR- USE your time wisely- NEVER stop learning…
Find Joy in your Journey!
A quote from my friend… “Make sure your love for being authentic is stronger than your need for approval”
I may not be for everyone, so for those who stick with me to see my crazy/messy, but joy-filled, Jesus surrendered journey… THANK YOU