I was lucky enough to attend RISE with my daughter and BFF in Dallas, Texas this past weekend. In the simplest terms I can think of, it blew my mind and lit my heart on fire! My daughter Sydnie and I still can’t stop talking about all the things we took away from this conference.

First, we danced like nobody was watching. Rachel Hollis loves music and shared her passion during the entire conference. From the beginning of the day and after lunch to the grand finale on Day 3, we danced and sang and even did some zumba! Sydnie and I both came home with new “bad ass” playlists on Spotify to keep us motivated at all times. The energy level was extremely high and we never sat down for very long. If Rachel caught anyone in the audience yawning we were immediately back on our feet with our arms in the air jamming to “Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (I still have this song playing in my head). I think we came home down a few pounds from all of our dancing and exercise!

Second, We made friends and connections from all over the world. The space was filled with over 7,500 women who cheered for each other. Rachel Hollis empowered each and every one of us to BELIEVE in ourselves. She made it VERY clear she BELIEVED in us and the power to make any change we want in our lives. It is an amazing thing when women from every race, religion, sexual diversity, and political preference come together to support and lift each other UP! It took courage for many of us to come together, most of us outside our comfort zone, to take this phenomenal journey.

~ “Your struggles don’t mean you are weak. They mean you are human.” -Rachel Hollis

The first day was “Owning Your Past.” It was an emotional day as we did just that ~tackle our past. I learned life is happening FOR me not to me. That means everything is FOR me! How cool is that. This was a HUGE take away for my daughter! I own who I am in the past, present, and future.

We did an exercise that will stick with me forever! It was called Stand Up for Your Sister and that is exactly what we did. We answered 20+ really tough questions like for example; Have you suffered from depression? Have you abused food as a way to cope? Have you lost a child? Do you hate the way you look? Have you been reaped? etc… You get the picture! Tough, tough questions for women especially. We folded our paper up a few times and passed it several times so you didn’t know where your paper ended up or whose paper you had. Rachel and her friend and co-host Beans read off each question and paused. If your “sister’s” question was checked yes you stood for her. The amount of women who stood for almost every question was remarkable and extremely sad. Sydnie’s “sister” had many boxes checked so she stood a lot and sobbed. Especially emotional was that her “sister” had been raped. When you gaze around a large convention center filled with women and see more than half of them standing for someone who has been raped, or someone who HATES the way they look it changes your perception forever.

We also got to hear from two amazing guest speakers on Day 1. Jen Hatmaker and Trent Shelton brought and shared so much additional wisdom with us.

~ “Your current situation is not your final destination” -Trent Shelton

~ “The foundation of strength is struggle” -Trent Shelton

Day 2 was my favorite and was all about “Owning Your Future.” Rachel’s husband Dave kicked off the day with loads of great information about tackling fear, teaching us how to think differently about relationships, and why opinions of other people (OPO) just don’t matter. We set BIG goals with Rachel Hollis! I’m talking turning your 10 years into 10 dreams and mapping out how to get there! I created a road-map that will take me from where I am today to where I want to go. I dreamed BIG and can NOT wait to pursue my version of more.

~ “There’s such an incredible power in understanding that you are in control.” -Rachel Hollis

In the afternoon we listened to three powerful ladies who happen to be very successful entrepreneurs. I gained a ton of insight on how I can run my businesses more successfully. I should never be afraid to ask for help, work ON my business instead of IN my business and if I want something GIVE IT! These are just a few or MANY takeaways…

Last, we learned Rachel Hollis’ daily routines help make it possible to be our healthy and true selves. Her “5 to Thrive” are easy and attainable! Go to RISE to find out!!

~ “It’s time to stop apologizing for who you are. It’s time to become who you were made to be.” -Rachel Hollis

The three of us left RISE with new and BIG dreams. We came home with new inspirations and found a new and beautiful community of amazingly strong women. I spent a couple of days with an army of warriors who I am now proud to call my sister’s. I have a fire in my belly and freedom in my heart. And, just like my battle and continued healing with Lyme Disease~ all you must to do is BELIEVE in yourself! Thank you Rachel Hollis!

~ If you have never heard of Rachel Hollis please please please read “Girl Wash Your Face” and “Girl Stop Apologizing.” These books will inspire you and every woman in your life.