These past 6 months have brought the worst out in many people but also have brought out the BEST in so many people. I have been witness and participant to the ability of the human spirit to overcome any circumstances it encounters, and I’m asking each and every one of you to pull out all the stops and go find yours if you haven’t already, because it is there, maybe still buried, but it is waiting for you, and our planet Earth needs you now more than ever! You are so valuable to humanity, especially NOW!


None of us has much time here! I believe every human on this planet is equipped with a deep knowing that our time on this Earth is only a snapshot of what we were created for. If you believe in God, he created you to be here at this very moment in time. He has a purpose specifically for you… it’s up to you to find it. It’s just so extremely easy in the face of fear, which exists all around us these days, and our fear of death to lose sight of the higher power guiding you at all times.


I myself have seen death. I have caressed her face and begged her to take me ~on the shores of Lake Michigan a few years back. I have stared down many doctors that told me I would never get better and told me I was CRAZY. The evils of Lyme Disease took away so much of me. However, I have proven them all wrong and reclaimed my spirit in true healing without drugs.


So, whether we agree on COVID and the things that have happened in the past 6 months and continue to happen, we can all agree that our planet and the survival of us all is in very real jeopardy!


So What is the Answer?


Stay in YOUR power.

Stay in YOUR reality.

Stay in YOUR truth.


Do not ever entertain arguing with people. Reserve all your energy for those who are seeking truth and can see the conflicting information constantly being presented to us. Examine the narrative. QUESTION EVERYTHING!


You are responsible for you. I am responsible for me. No man will every strip me of my reality ever again. When you have lost your mind and spirit to the madness of your past and others and then gain it back, you know how precious it is to be able to sit unwavering in your clarity and truth. When you see those around you lost in the madness, more than ever practice compassion for them as well as fierce boundaries that you will never succumb to falsehoods and lies. Fight for your consciousness and seek truth. ALWAYS!


NOW is your time. Find the human spirit inside you because we all need you!