As you wrap up 2019 make sure to let go of something significant before moving on to 2020. Maybe a habit, fear, heavy load of some sort, or an old idea that just isn’t serving you well. Never add new goals without asking yourself what you can let go of. Drop some ugly stuff that wasn’t serving a purpose so you can carry new amazing stuff into the new year!


Heading into 2020 I want you to know specifically ~ YOU ARE THE ARCHITECT OF YOUR OWN DESTINY & HEALING! Whether you are battling a health issue or not, what you feed yourself is incredibly important. From what you actually feed yourself food-wise, … to what you are putting on your body,… to how you view yourself, … to how you treat others,… to how you take care of yourself mentally & physically,… to products you are using in your home,… to what you read,… to what you watch on TV and social media.


Here are a few great tips I want to share to help you become the best architect of your destiny:


  • Connect with nature. Stand barefoot in the grass, take a daily walk outside, breathe fresh air… really take it all in!


  • Eat foods that get rid of disease & illness, not feed it. Organic fruits and veggies, low carbs, grass-fed meats, healthy fats like coconut oil and avocado’s. No processed foods! I would love the opportunity to help you with this one!


  • Get rid of every toxic product in your household. Cleaning products, makeup, deodorant, perfumes/colognes, air fresheners, candles etc…  Read the ingredients on every label and DITCH & SWITCH!


  • Down-time. In this fast-paced time we are living in, we all need to slow down. Take 20 minutes out of your day to nap, meditate and breathe.


  • Set up an easy morning routine. Wake up with gratitude. Do some yoga or stretching and add some prayer. Being intentional every morning will change your life!


  • Become a voracious reader. Read books or listen to podcasts to better yourself in some way. This is a game changer! I have read and absorbed so many amazing books on my journey of healing. Listen to podcasts while driving in the car or when you travel.


  • Only feed yourself positive information. We do not watch “The News” in our household. Choose only POSITIVE! With news, politics & social media, we are being bombarded with negative energy. Be careful what you are feeding yourself!


  • Put the cell phone down. Be intentional about it! Listen and connect with others through conversation in 2020.


As 2019 comes to a close, I wish you continued healing if you are on a journey. I wish you health and happiness and a very blessed 2020!