Time for me to preach ladies!!

I want to share with you my CHOICE in my self breast care and why this is so dang important to me!  All of us women seem to be “trained” to get our yearly wellness checks/mammograms and somewhere along the line forget that each of us has a CHOICE in how we care for our bodies and well being. This blog is strictly an opinion based on facts I have obtained through reading and learning as I continue to journey through my healing process.


What is Thermography?

Thermography is a painless non-invasive screening tool used to assess inflammation and dysfunction within the body. A digital infrared thermal imaging camera is used to detect heat patterns/vascular patterns from an individual’s body. From those heat patterns, interpreting MD’s are able to detect areas of inflammation (which cancer really is) and dysfunction within the body provided in a written report.


What can Thermography detect?

Thermography screening can be used to monitor breast health in a SAFE, effective, non-radiation way.

Inflammation and dysfunction can also be detected with the following areas: Sinus, Dental, Thyroid, Carotid arteries, TMJ, Lymphatic System, Colon, Liver, Gallbladder, Kidneys, Adrenals, Female/Male Organs, Spine, Digestive System.


Breast Thermography

A “do no harm” approach to breast screening!

Thermography vs. Mammography

Thermography ~

  •  Pain-Free
  •  Radiation-Free
  •  Compression- Free, Nothing touches your body
  •  Detection 5-10 years earlier than mammography
  •  FDA Approved – 100% safe
  •  Standard images include lymph nodes in the neck, breasts & under arms
  •  Can detect inflammatory breast cancer
  •  Safe for teens & young women with breast concerns
  •  90% Accuracy Rate!
  •  A test of physiology (function)
  •  Fewer unnecessary biopsies
  •  Scans are read and interpreted by Thermologists/MD
  •  Ideal for ALL women – especially those with dense breast tissue, fibrocystic breasts, implants or who have had mastectomies without reconstructive surgery.
  •  Safe for nursing mothers with breast concerns
  • No doctor referral required


Mammography ~

  •  Often painful for many women.
  •  Uses radiation which can damage DNA.
  •  May be a contributing factor to increasing rates of certain types of breast cancer.
  •  Potential to rupture tumors causing cancer to spread.
  •  Can damage implants – not as effective for women with implants.
  •  Tumor may be present for 5-8 years before it is detectable.
  •  Not effective for fast growing tumors.
  •  FDA Approved – Can damage breast tissue.
  •  Unable to Include lymph nodes.
  •  Can detect micro-calcifications.
  •  Not recommended for women under 40 due to radiation concerns.
  •  80-85% accuracy rate.
  •  A test of anatomy (structure).
  •  Can result in unnecessary biopsies for women with dense & fibrocystic tissue.
  •  Scans are read & interpreted by Radiologists/MD.
  •  Not an option for all women – due to age, mastectomy without reconstructive surgery, prior radiation exposure.
  •  Not safe for nursing mothers.
  •  Doctor referral required.


Thermography is NON-INVASIVE and NO RADIATION! Thermograms provide early detection of cancerous and pre-cancerous conditions – meaning you can often see conditions before they become disease! It was a simple choice for me to make the switch from yearly mammography to yearly themography. I was first introduced to thermography from my massage therapist, went for the first time 3 years ago and have NEVER looked back. You can see results immediately after images are taken and it is quite amazing. Nothing is hidden from me as a patient and I get my full written results from a thermologist via e-mail a few days after the appointment. If you are in the Milwaukee area you can take a look at the following website for more information – The Longevity Center of WI – Thermography. Do your research and make your own guided decisions. I would love to chat with you if you have ANY questions!