1. Send someone a handwritten letter.

2. Return someone’s cart at the grocery store.

3. Hold the elevator or door open.

4. Buy someone- maybe even a stranger a morning coffee without telling them.

5. Tell or text someone you love them.

6. Leave a “you’re stronger than you think” note in a library book or on a table when you leave a public place.

7. Thank a police officer, fire fighter or person in the military for their service to our country.

8. Bake someone their favorite dessert and deliver it to them.

9. Leave a note of gratitude for your mail carrier.

10. Ask someone how they are doing. Then ask how they’re really doing.

11. Smile at someone you don’t know… just because.

12. Let someone behind you at the grocery store check out first.

13. Leave a note or text your significant other with words of love and gratitude.

14. Offer to help take a photo for someone so they can be in the picture.

15. Leave a larger than normal tip.

16. Write a list of things you love about someone, and personally give it to them.

17. Volunteer at a homeless shelter/church/animal shelter.

18. Support local businesses in your area.

19. Be a person of positivity and watch it spread.

20. Buy the person’s meal behind you in the fast food pick-up lane.

21. Tell your hairdresser how much you appreciate him/her.

22. Put your cell phone away when meeting with someone.

23. Give someone a compliment.

24. Spend some REAL time with your Grandma or Grandpa, Mom or Dad.

25. Be extra kind to yourself.


We’ve all heard inspiring stories where a complete stranger does something to help someone else out. Often times we only hear about the grand gestures, but it’s usually the small acts of kindness that can change someone’s day. Think back to the last time a stranger gave you a compliment or even just held the door for you. Often times that kindness can change your outlook for the day or even become contagious so that you want to pay it forward.

Now… please go out and be the light! Pay it forward! Then… sit back and see how you personally feel. I’m telling you the feeling of kindness toward another human being is unmatched!