I wanted to share a word with you that I think is very fitting this time of year – BELIEVE. I hope all of you still do, in many things large and small! I hope all of you share this wonderful concept with all the people you care about. I hope you never lose this magical idea ~ BELIEVE!


Over the course of my Lyme experience, I’ve heard bits of wisdom from doctors, other Lymies, friends, supporters and others. These belief statements of sort have become a mantra that I would like to share. They are more lemons in the midst of Lyme:

I Believe compassion is the solution to all problems.

I Believe we have not come this far to fail or give up now.

I Believe we are meant to go through storms before we see the beautiful sun.

I Believe the kingdom we live in is unshakable.

I Believe family become friends and friends become family.

I Believe all my hard work will pay off.

I Believe I have the power to change anything I do not like.

I Believe collectively we are stronger than we are apart.

I Believe time brings about opportunity and thought.

I Believe I have been put on this earth and in this position for a purpose… YES!

I Believe I am capable of anything as long as I have the desire to do it.

I Believe the choices I make are my responsibility alone.

I Believe I am who I am because of all the people in my life.

I Believe in HOPE… don’t ever stop!

I Believe in miracles.


What do you Believe?