Life is crazy in the sense that it sails along almost unnoticed until something stops you dead in your tracks… a wake-up call! This is exactly what happened to me February of 2011. This is when symptoms with no explanation began to take over my outgoing, athletic, vibrant self being. I remember standing in my bedroom fresh out of the shower and the next thing I remember is lying on the ground not being able to move or feel anything, like a state of paralysis, for a moment that seemed like a frightening forever. This brief and scary event was only the beginning of the strange things that would happen to my body.

The symptoms did not flood my “fit” young body like raging waters, but instead tricked and toyed with me in a slow debilitating manner. I had hip pain that radiated into my glute and doctors wanted to do surgery. Months later I had an unbalanced feeling when walking to the point where I would need to hold on to Gary or sometimes stop and sit down. My ENT diagnosed me with Meniere’s Disease and said there was no cure and prescribed Valium to relieve symptoms (which made me feel worse). When I was told “there is no cure”, it sent me into a spiraling hopeless situation.

Eventually, anxiety, depression, and insomnia engulfed me. I was becoming a different person… I was very sad, exhausted and found it hard to get through a day. There were more doctor visits, more diagnosis’, and more pills prescribed. Looking in the mirror was not easy for me as I no longer saw a person I loved or even recognized.
“You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it”
If you can relate, then I am here to say YOU CAN HEAL! You can read more in depth about my story of Lyme and the process I have taken to HEAL in “The Miracle Effect”

Kenny Chesney sings a song called “Don’t Blink”. This song is my favorite by him and makes me cry every time I hear it. The tattoo on my back serves as a forever reminder for me and my health journey.