After years of wrestling with being afraid of many things for many reasons, I can now say I live a pretty FEARLESS life. I have given myself the power to breathe again.

“Give permission to take time to breathe, to live life, to give, to love, to reflect, to be present and to JUST BE”

This doesn’t mean I don’t still face situations that are scary or challenge me. It just means I do not let fear take over my life anymore.

Are you tired of the struggle? Tired of loneliness, anxiety, and the fear of not knowing who you are or where life is taking you or the fear of not being able to HEAL after trying various avenues to just get through each day without pain or struggle… My hope is that limiting this constant fear will help you on your journey to abundant health!

I would not be crazy to say that we live in an age of fear. Fear has many ways of expressing itself… loneliness, panic, anxiety, depression to name a few. Social media has made things worse in my opinion. It’s a place that magnifies our insecurities by highlighting the perceived perfections of others. The result then becomes an emerging generation living in fear! Look around… everyone is on their mobile device, teens communicating via text when they are sitting in the same room, couples out for dinner celebrating an occasion of some sort with their phones out and in hand, kids multi-tasking doing their homework with the TV on and cell phone in hand texting and snapping their friends. How can this not bring about anxiety ??

We live in a competitive world, and perhaps the only competition truly worth winning is the one we have with ourselves! The battle to be true to ourselves and to maintain our own identity when the world tries differently. Your identity will always be the most important pieces of your life. It’s NEVER too late to figure out who you really are or to change your course as you heal. My challenge for you is to discover, or rediscover, who you really are!

“Each of us must confront our own fears, must come face to face with them. How we handle our fears will determine where we go with the rest of our lives” ~ Judy Blume

Overcoming fear means surrendering control. If you stand up to fear, face it head on, and tell it to leave you alone it will get you a long way. I use prayer in all instances of fear. I trust God when I am afraid and also trust that peace is waiting for me on the other side. For instance, I am still quite fearful of talking in front of other people. Whether I am telling my story to a group or participating in an open forum, I still feel fear and anxiety rise up inside of me just before I walk to the front of the room. I find if I breathe and ask God for help to guide me through it becomes easier every time. It is really an amazing feeling when you face your fears head on! You will feel stronger and it becomes easier every time!

The same is true for those of us fighting illness. There were so many times I was fearful of what was happening to me. I prayed for strength in my healing process several times a day every day. My Mom and my husband helped me get through the most fearful days. My closest friends stood by me and believed in me. Lean on the powers that may be, God, family and friends and live FEARLESS!