“Gratitude turns what you have into enough!”
We can find good things everywhere we look, even in the trials or mundane aspects of life~if we have the eyes to see them. My trick is practicing the kind of thankfulness that isn’t based on place or time or circumstance. Gratitude is being mindful in everything you do! Everyday tasks and to-do’s can be basic reminders of how blessed we truly are!

Fall is the perfect time to focus on gratitude. After all, tis’ the season of thankfulness. We see the words grateful and thankful a lot these days~ on pillows, coffee mugs, t-shirts, picture frames and more. What do you think gratefulness is really all about? I believe it is meant to be found in our everyday lives!

Sometimes unwelcome and unexpected events become defining moments in our lives. This is exactly what happened to me… I thank God every single day for blessing me with Lyme Disease. Yes, you heard me correctly; I thank God every day for Lyme, a disease which has changed my life and the lives of my loved ones in the best way possible and for the better! You see… God began placing the most amazing people in front of me at the most perfect moment in time. For this I am so grateful. My personal journey of healing continues~

Today and every day I wake up grateful to be alive and thank God for EVERY single day. I journal every night before I go to sleep. It is the perfect way to end your day! I write about my day and include at least five or six things from my day for which I am grateful. It is my attitude of gratitude.

Try to focus on gratitude in everything you do. When you take your morning shower, be mindful of how lucky you are to jump in a warm shower and clean and refresh yourself. Many people on our planet do not have this luxury!

Instead of dreading grocery shopping, meal planning and cooking, shift your mindset. That simple change will open the door for you to view these things as an opportunity to feed the ones you love. I am so thankful to serve my family in this way. I enjoy setting the mood in my kitchen while preparing. Putting my favorite Young Living Essential Oil in my diffuser and turning on good music became a ritual to set this time apart in my day. Make dinner time family time. Some of the most meaningful talks will happen around the table. Ask questions, lots of them, and conversation will most likely go somewhere beautiful and unexpected or important.

Try to focus on gratitude in everything you do~

Laundry is a hard one for me. Folding clothes sometimes seems like an endless chore! The fact that we have an abundance of clothing is enough to stop any complaining. There is really something to say about the smell of fresh laundry and the warmth of clothing straight out of the dryer. Again, these are small things, but the daily acknowledgement makes them even less small.

Remember that sometimes perspective is all it takes to let gratitude run free in your life. Once this happens EVERYTHING starts to look like a great big Thank you!